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Hey guys, I posted the build I was looking at getting earlier, but since then another question has popped up. I was wondering if this graphics card would work for the monitor I was looking at. I picked this one because I heard some good things, but I was wondering if there was any better I could get with similar specs. What I am looking for in the graphics card is this:

Nvidia GTX 560 ti - unlocked version (for the price I hear good things)

This is the one I was looking at: amp! geforce gtx 560 ti

I was wondering if there was anything better for the same price range or if a different model, say, not the Zotac version, would be better, or if I would need to go to AMD or something.

The monitor I was looking at was this one:

So the GPU would be for 1920x1080 at max settings for games like Rift, WoW, LoL, Diablo 3 and other games of the sort (maybe Skyrim or however you spell it :P ), nothing that is demanding a whole lot like Crysis. As for other applications, it would be engineering programs such as SolidWorks/AutoCad (3D modelling) and some other programs that are not GPU intensive.

Thanks a lot for the help!
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    Any of those would be good for that moniter and usage. I say get the one that has the highest clocks and best reviews. You could go AMD but it makes little difference.
  2. Good news!

    After a bit of research, I have found a card that is a little cheaper and runs a lot cooler with two fans, although it does sacrifice a small amount of speed. Others are reccommending this card over the Zotac AMP! card, and as of right now I think it will be the card I will use/reccommend unless someone here can find anything better! :D

    Here is the card:

    Thanks for the help!
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