Number 6 is stuck on my 19 in Dell display monitor

There is a number 6 that is stuck on my 19 in Dell display monitor just right of the center of the screen that is approximately 1/4 inch long and 1/4 inch wide. It will not go away...what's wrong? :(
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  1. You need to provide more information to get any good advice.

    What caused the malfunction? Did you burn in the number because you didn't turn off your monitor or use a screen saver? If the number 6 etched into your glasses? With the information that you provide I can't give you an educated guess.
  2. Sorry I'm not providing sufficient info...I do run a screen saver all the time, but it seems to be something I've hovered over with my mouse (does that make any sense?)...Such as my Magicjack splashscreen. When i hold my mouse cursor over the six digit on the splash screen, I see the same small 6, only the one is stuck for some reason. I recently downloaded the Dell Monitor driver from the Microsoft Website during an update, but I also have an NVIDIA graphics card if that helps any.
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