2X 8800gts 640 in SLI or 1X Radeon HD 5770 850MHZ?

I'm looking to upgrade possibly. 2X 8800gts 640 in SLI or 1X Radeon HD 5770? Any recommendations?
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  1. Forget the 8800GTS 640MB's as they are a bit long in the tooth now.
  2. Quote:
    I think the HD5770 would outperform it since

    HD5670 CFX = HD5770 > HD5670 = 9800GT=8800GT > 8800GTS

    You do realise that the 8800GTS 640MB uses a different GPU to the 8800GT/S 512MB?
  3. Quote:
    According to the chart, a 8800GT 512MB beats a 8800GTS 640MB

    But would a single GTS 512MB beat a pair of 640MB GTS's?
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