My i7 920 D0 runs way too hot

Hello guys I have a problem with my CPU temperature for 2 years already, but didn't pay much attention to it till now. 2 years ago I had my computer built by a computer company (where I also bought my components)

Cooler Master RC-690 case
Intel i7 920 D0 processor @ 2,6 ghz
Scythe Mugen 2 cooler
Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P motherboard
Team Group PC3-15000 "Xtreem" KIT 6144MB 1866 MHz DDR III RAM (motherboard runs it at 1066 mhz, I don't know how to make it run at 1866 mhz, I'm a noob I know :( )
Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 1024MB graphic card
LC Power LC8850 "Arkangel" v2.2 PSU

Problem is that my i7 920 constantly runs at about 47°C at idle and under pressure around 68°C. That is non overclocked at stock. My room temperature is about 23°C. As I understand those temperatures would be normal for a stock i7 cooler, but not for Scythe Mugen 2. Can anyone tell me where could be a problem? I think that I use around 1,25 voltage at auto.

Advices, help?
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  1. That is a really high temp for a tower cooler like that, perhaps it isn't seated properly, or the fan isn't spinning, or the thermal paste isn't applied properly.
  2. My first suggestion is to re-install the cooler and re-apply the thermal paste, see if that makes any changes... Your room temp is cool, I'm pretty sure you should get lower than 47°C (CPU) at idle.
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