How well can my gaming desktop perform?


The specifications are as follows:

Intel i7-2600(8mb cache) turbo clocked 3.9ghz
16gb ram, 1tb hard drive
Dual Nvidia geforce gtx 450 SLI

I ordered this machine last week and I am fairly confident in it's ability to run the latest games effortlessly on the highest settings. Correct me if I'm wrong I would like some feedback thanks.
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  1. It should be able to max out most games and still have playable FPS. Although, 16GB of RAM seems like an overkill (4GB is more than enough), but it's fine as it is. I would have got an i5 2500K and spend the extra $ on a P67 mobo. You can OC it and get greater peformance. Your setup is still great.
  2. Thanks for the reply. It is a pre-built desktop, so I didn't have the choice of choosing that mobo. Also the extra memory was on sale so I grabbed it, I guess I should have chosen better graphics cards? I'll keep an eye out on that P67, although my current mobo factory clocks at 3.9ghz, I think that's pretty fast for quad cores. Hopefully playable FPS means great performance and not just being able to run the game :D .
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