Is My Video Card Dead

I woke up this morning to find nothing was appearing on my monitor after I hit the power button. The computer hard drive light continued to flicker as if it was continuing to boot. After about 10 minutes I hit the keyboard short cut for windows to shutdown (windows key , u , u). The computer did shutdown so it was able to boot into windows, just nothing was showing on my monitor.

I tried to power on again, this time it showed the post screen, and would even show the bios screen if I hit the button for it. However, once it got to the windows XP loading screen three green lines would appear in the top left corner of the screen as the loading screen flickered briefly and then the monitor would say it has no signal. The hard drive light continued to flicker like it did last time as if its finishing booting into windows.

I tried hooking up the monitor to my other dvi port on my graphics card with the results. I have even tried hooking up a spare monitor with the same result. The desktop only appears if I have it boot up in safe mode. Any thoughts on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Computer Specs:

Windows XP Professional SP 3
Ram: 3 Gigs, DDR 2 533
Video: Nvidia 7600GT OC 256MB PCI E
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  1. It sounds like the card might be failing but as a last resort since you can get into safe mode try to update your GPU drivers.
  2. I have an update. I moved the video card over to the other video card slot and it works. Is it possible that when my power supply went out three days ago that it killed the other slot? Also is there a way to test a mother board to see if any parts of it are damaged?
  3. Yes it is possible that a failing PSU damaged the motherboard. Testing it for failure is usually just finding that things don't work like your slot.
  4. Bummer.... was hoping there was a meter I could buy like for a power supply that would test parts of the mother board.
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