Computer freezing then graphics card stops working

hello, i am having some trouble with my computer. it started when i was playing a game and my game went crazy with these weird blue lines and froze... so i hit the restart on my computer and when it was back up the resolution was 800x600.

so i saw that i had some windows updates i hadnt installed and i saw something for nvidia so i installed all the patches and i think there was a service pack too... but the nvidia one failed to install for some reason.

Then i restarted and my computer was still in that crappy resolution so i look around and find that my graphics card has this message in the device manager "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

so i then uninstall the drivers restart and reinstall updated drivers for the video card... the resolution is fine now and everything seems to be working fine, but about an hour in, the computer freezes and i have to restart. and i get the same error again that says windows stopped the device.

so i reinstall drivers again but use some older ones, but that still isnt working and the same freezing problem device stoppage thing keeps happening.

so can this problem be fixed with a new graphics card or is there something wrong with the windows service pack i installed and i need that nvidia update that failed to install for some reason and i am unable to get it again from windows update.

here some computer specs:

windows 7 ultimate 32-bit 6.1
nvidia geforce 8800 gtx graphics card
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  1. Most likely your card died on you! As a last resort you could clean the heat sink and fan on it just in case the issue is temperature related or like some people have done with luck
    A new card would surly solve the problem it is not a windows issue.
  2. how hot is too hot? i have seen it go up to about 80. how long to graphics cards usually last? i have had mine for about 4 years.
  3. 80C is normal for those cards. graphics cards can last forever or die in a couple years. Time for a new one for you though.
  4. You can try to update the NIVIDIA driver sucessfully for Windows and see if the problems happened can be fixed by this way. For the most important part is about compatibilities. Whether you ever updated the NIVIDIA driver with corret bits or not. For example, it should be Windows Vista7/8 32-bit or Nvidia Graphics Driver for Windows Vista7/8 64-bit. To update the NIVIDIA drivers with correct guides and attempt to improve PC performance, you can access this reference link: for more information.
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