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Power consumption: phenom x4 II 970 vs i5 2500

I am planning on building my first gaming rig to play first person shooters like BF3, Crysis 2 and MW3. Overclocking is not in my plans so my two options are the i5 2500 and the Phenom II X4 970. My mayor concern is my energy bill. Do you guys think the difference will be noticeable?
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  1. It is not going to be noticeable but the 2500K is the energy efficient one.
  2. Do you mean 2500 or 2500K?
  3. Either does not matter unless you overclock the "K"!
  4. So all-round the 2500 is the way to go?
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    Performance and power consumption? Yes!
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  7. Thank you so much!
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