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I bought a cyberpower through newegg about a year ago and couldn't have been happier with the build. That is until after about 3 months the case fan started grinding severely on startup. I've searched this topic many times on many sites and received many different answers. Everything from resonance, to bad bearings, to my fan blowing at 100% because drivers hadn't loaded yet.

I was told orignally that it was my PSU or my Graphics card but after about 4 months of ownership I upgraded my PSU and card and the noise persisted. I know it isn't resonance because I've touched and adjusted it many times to no avail. I know it isn't blowing 100% because it barely puts out any air while making the obnoxious noise and when I game and it blows hard it sounds just like a normal fan. I considered bad bearings but I'd like to be sure before I replace the fan.

The problem has gotten worse since it started. At first it lasted 5-10 seconds before stopping but now it persists for about 30 seconds AFTER I log in and have loaded my desktop. I just about keep my computer on all the time now for fear of the fan messing up completely. Is there any advice someone can give me?
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  1. Why have you put yourself in the position of having to keep your pc on all the time for fear of the fan dying? Just replace the fan!
  2. It's a case fan, replace it or just remove it.
    Or, if you don't have the time for something that simple just pull the power cable and leave it in the case......
  3. I already found the fan online that I want, it's an antec dual bearing but the issue is that neither I or anyone I know actually has a credit/debit card (stone age I know) Actually had to get a temporary one for buying my computer and parts. I just wanted confirmation that this was the best solution before actually doing it. It's a hassle -.-

    Anyways appreciate the help
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