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Aftermarket GPU Cooling

After a successful OC, my Asus GTX570 is getting into the mid 80's for temp.

In an effort to extend the life of the card I was thinking of adding an aftermarket cooler.

Any input would be appreciated.

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    I added 2 case fans to my case and it helped out alot.I have 3 gtx 480's and the temps were going into the 80's .I also bought a new case(well this was last year.You just need good ventilation.You also need to turn the fan speed up to around 70% that helps.But you are right on the money with the after market will really lower your temps.The only con is with the cooler added,it takes up alot of space.
  2. My opinion is to stay with the stock cooler because you are going to lose warranty.If you don't mind then the zalman is an excellent solution.I have seen some good reviews about it.
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