(x79) ASRock Extreme 4 vs Asus Sabretooth

It's around 100 extra for the Sabretooth board, so is it worth it? Some people say that Asus is the only one doing x79 right; yet I know value-wise the Extreme 4 can't be beat. It's z77 model has great reviews, but there's not as much to find about the x79 version.... So what do you recommend?

(Running 3930k)
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  1. im in the same boat here im trying to decide on a new mobo and the extreme 4 looks great but i was also debating between both the sabertooth and the maximus v formula http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_1155/Maximus_V_Formula/#overview
    still tryna decide between the i5-2500k or the 3750k though
  2. The Maximus V does look like a great unit, but it only comes in z77 as far as I know. After reading the hardocp & hexus reviews of the Extreme 4 x79, I think I'm going to just take the leap. I'd probably lean toward the Sabretooth if they were closer in price, but for the value I think this one is a taker.
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