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Hey guys I have an SSD ( ) hooked up to a ASRock z77 Extreme 4 ( ) but I connected it to a SATA 3 port and it sometime detect it but then if i leave my Computer off for some hours next time it wont detect it and i have to connec/diconnect a few times and try different ports and sometimes it detects it, today I tried connecting the HDD to the same port with the same cable and it does detects it, also if i connect the ssd to a sata 2 port it detects it normally....

In conclusion,,,SSD wont connect to sata 3 port but it would to a Sata 2 port and HDD with same cable(to confirm its not a bad cable) will connect to the SATA 3 port ssd wont connect.....SSD wont connect to any sata 3...
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  1. Have you tried the drive in another computer? did you get the same results with the SATA 3 ports? If yes then you know your drive is bad and you need to RMA it.
  2. I havnt tried it on any other computer, All my sata 2 ports detct it and im using it right now with the sata 2 ports, but the sata 3 port wont detct it...
  3. Is it 5.0.2 firmware? have you contacted Mushkin directly?

    Is your controller set up for AHCI in the BIOS?
  4. do you now how to check firmware?
  5. found it, it is 502
  6. Update: I just found out it wassnt fixed by changing the port, it was fixed for the moment but once again, i turn off my computer for the night and today i try to start it up and it wont detect it again....I changed ports like 20 times tried some over and over again and finally got it to started windows an apparently it lost connection to ssd and it crashed, changed ports like 20 more times and now it booted properly....whats the problem? ssd or mobo?

    By the way I can restart, turn off and on without no problems after fixing...but if i leave the computer off for some hours it will stop detecting it
  7. common, no one can help me?! I keep having trouble with this...When i get it to detect it it will run smooth, if i turn it off and back on it will detect it...but if i eave it off for some hours it will stop detecting....
  8. Without you putting that SSD in another computer and seeing if there's issues with it, there's no way I can say if it's the computer or the drive...
  9. i dont have another compuer :/
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