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ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Several days ago we installed a new hard drive into an HP DV 6000 (HP dv6565us, 2007). Loaded Vista operating system. No problems until we went to the HP website to update the drivers as the Vista version we had was several years old. Going thru each HP recommended update the computer would restart and work find until it came to Winflash for Bios file name sp48024.exe version f.5a. After restarting the screen that has available prompts (F2 etc) comes on, then the windows hp screen with the scrolling green lights in the bar comes up but never gets past that. Tried going into safemode and it stops at windows\system32\drivers\crcdisk.sys ...so we can't get into safe mode either. Spoke with HP forever and they have no idea what problem is. Did a memory and hdd test and both passed. Tried MANY suggestions on other sites but still not fix (yes we tried reloading vista again and again). Hitting windows button, b, and power doesn't take us to the Bios screen either.

PLEASE help.....

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  1. I do not think that you have a BIOS problem, because the computer is posting and it is trying to load windows. Try to get into the BIOS configuration screen just to be sure.
    To get there, you DO NOT press "b" or "power".
    When the computer boots it will prompt a key like F2 or F1, F10 or DELETE to "enter setup"
    you want to enter the system setup because that is the configuration for the BIOS.
    If you can get there, the problem is not with the BIOS.

    Im pretty sure that the problem is just with windows vista. Vista is not a very good operating system and has many issues. TRY INSTALLING A VERSION OF LINUX!!!!!! or at least windows 7 or XP.
  2. Thank you! I can get into the Bios Setup Utility screen but from there my only options are to perform a 'Primary Hard Disk Self Test' and a 'Memory Test'....both of which I did and they both passed. So you're saying if I can get to this screen then it's probably the copy of Vista I'm using?
  3. Yes, Vista is the Culprit.
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