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Triple Channel help!

I am looking into getting some newer RAM than my 12GB kit I have now for my Asus Rampage III build. Can I get three (2x 4GB each) dual channel kits and run them in triple channel? Or do I have to get six 4GB individual sticks? Or can this even be done without getting a triple channel kit?

Looking at the Corsair Dominator Platinum 8GB kit

So my question is really can I get three of these kits and use them stably on my x58 motherboard in triple channel config?
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    As long as they are all the same make and model, they wll work in triple channel just fine.
  2. OMG thank you for giving me the answer I have been looking for! Everyone I have asked the question they either don't know if I can do it or they tell me you can't!

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  4. You are welcome. Have fun!
  5. One last question to close this subject. How much HDD space does Windows 7 Pro 64 bit use so I know how much RAM to get for a Ramdisc?
  6. The typical install size is around 20GB (HDD), actually less but Windows requires you to have that much space.

    I run 32GB of RAM in my rig. You could go with 64GB and set up a blazing fast 32GB Ramdisk, but it will be fairly expensive. Make sure the memory your choose is on the Asus QVL if you go down that path.
  7. Ok thanks
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