XP BSOD on 1st Install?

Hi all,

So I just finished my first build:

Intel Core i5 2500k
Scythe Mugen 2
4GB G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1600-CL6
Nvidia GTX 260
Coolermaster GX Series 750W PSU
500GB Samsung Spinpoint F3 (SATA 2)
Zalman Z9 Plus (7 Fans)
Old IDE Opiarc DVD/CD Burner/Reader

So I hit the power button, and the machine turns on about 1 second later. The ASUS logo screen comes up, I spam delete, and it sits there.....and sits there..... and sits there....... and then goes into the BIOS. Everything seems alright there, except that the CPU is idling at 43c with a Mugen 2. (Was that just me not putting enough paste on?)

I have an older IDE optical drive, which I bought a SATA converter for (mobo only has sata ports). So I go to install Windows XP, it loads the files, then it says loading Windows, the screen goes black for a second, and then the infamous blue screen of death appears with the code:
STOP 0x0000007B
(0xF78D2524) (0xC0000034) (0x0000000) (0x0000000)

So I look online and this is suppost to mean harddrive problems, so I burn SeaTools for DOS onto a CD, but when I try to boot from there, it just sits there with a white blinking cursor on a black screen. (Might also be my fault.)

Also online it says many people fixed this problem by changing the SATA configuration in the bios. From SATA to IDE. I can do that, but then my CD drive isn't recognized....

I tried mounting the XP installer ISO on a mac, and then pulling all the files onto a USB, and installing from that, but it doesn't want to boot from that either.....

I dont know what else to do, do you guys have any idea? Is this just me making lost of small mistakes, or is my motherboard at fault?

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  1. Have you tried to set the cd drive as a 'slave' or 'cable select' device now the sata drive is configured as an ide drive?
  2. You dont have to do this with sata devices normally but not sure about ide drive with sata converter...............
  3. I tried setting the CD drive to Cable Select, but with IDE mode it still dosnt show up.

    Could it be that XP is just not as compatible with newer mixed parts? I mean, its probably not hardware failure....

    Should I just pick up a cheap SATA drive and then try?
  4. Or too much paste. hehe

    I know this isn't a solution but why not try and buy a $20 optical drive?
  5. Yeah, about the paste. First I put what I thought was too much on, then attached the cooler wrong, saw it wasnt tight, took it off, touched a tissue to the paste a few times to get some off, then put the cooler on the right way.... So I know I dont have to much. But it could also just be the bios being wrong about the temps. On my old computer SpeedFan would say 35 while the bios would say 42..... I'll stress test it once I get my OS working.

    Yeah, I guess I should just go get a SATA drive.....
  6. Fixed it!
    I got a new 20 buck LG SATA DVD CD burner, plugged it in, and got the same problem, however, I then changed SATA configuration in the bios to IDE mode, and its installing XP now. :-)

    Thanks for the help!
  7. Thanks for telling us that you got it working.

    Duh! When you mentioned changing from SATA to IDE, I had the same problems years ago but forgot about it.

    Just curious, why are you installing XP on this computer? To do a dual boot with Win 7?

    The Prisoner
  8. Well I'm running XP because I'm too poor right now for Windows 7...
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