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Hello, I'm fairly new to the hardware aspect of computers and I was told this was the place to go for help!

I was recently offered an amazing price for a new Corsair AX1200i (, which is great because I have a dinky little 350 watt in my system at the moment that I was looking to upgrade. I'm trying to figure out if it is compatible with my Dell 0T568R (Dell XPS 8100 mobo - I know, i bought premade don't hurt me! =P).

So I thought this could be a learning experience for me! Through some lurking around here and some after opening my case I found that I have a 4 pin and 24 pin connector on the motherboard that is connected through wires to the power supply itself. I couldn't quite decipher what each of them do, so if y'all wouldn't mind helping me out with that...that'd be nice too :D.

Thank you for any help!
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    While the XPS motherboard uses standard 4 and 24 pin power connectors, you may find that the Corsair PSU is too long to fit in the case itself. I would suggest you measure the dimensions of the Dell PSU and compare it to the size of the Corsair.

    BTW, why are you considering this upgrade? Unless you need such a beefy PSU, you won't gain anything in terms of system performance with it.
  2. Thanks for your response, I'll definitely measure everything out. BTW, which perspective is the LWD measured? From the back of the computer or from the side?

    As for why I'm considering this upgrade, I'm being offered a ridiculously low price from my friend who won one for free. I'd like to eventually add on things like a better video card (only running a 5770HD atm), SSDs, and in the long run make a new system where I could just transfer over some of the parts (like this PSU) into the new one.
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  4. You measure all 3 dimensions, length, width, and height. I would recommend that you go with something like this Corsair 650w PSU:

    The 1200w is massive overkill for this system.
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