Asus ENGTX280 low performance

Hey guys. I'm having a little issue with performance on my GTX 280 card. It's currently using about 6.23v in Speedfan which is dangerously low, though the PSU is fine and is within +/-5 on all rails. AFAIK it has enough ampage at 20 amps on the 12v rail. I've also tried using different rails such as the molex connectors on an adaptor that came with the card. I'll leave my specs at the end of this message, any input would be fab.

Cheers! :)

current setup:
AMD Phenom X4 965 @ 3.4 Ghz (1.250 volts) sometimes at 4Ghz during colder weather, I'm on air.

Powercool 850W 80+ PSU

2x 2GB G-Skill Ripjaws 1600 Mhz DDR3 (9-9-9-24)

Asus ENGTX 280 (669Mhz core / 1224Mhz memory / 1458 Mhz shader)

Asrock M3A UCC

Coolermaster Hyper TX3
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  1. I forgot to add that I've tested the card in 3dmark Vantage and it's giving me a GPU score of 8160 (which seems too low) and a CPU score of 37515 under the 'high' preset.
  2. Software monitoring of voltages is horribly inaccurate; if it's running and playing games fine there's nothing wrong.
  3. Yeah. Real-world performance isn;t what I'd expect from a GPU like this one. Maybe the card does actually suck and I should upgrade. Maybe the games just don't utilize the card well. I don't know. All I know is that it doesn't even come close to what I see in other people's benchies.
  4. It should outperform many newer cards such as the HD 5770.
  5. My thoughts exactly. Sadly, it isn't though. Probably too late for an RMA since I bought the card in 2009, and it's taken me until now to track it down to the card itself (long story).
  6. Make sure you connected all of the power connectors and adaptors.
  7. I most definately did. I even had a guy who builds them for a living confirm that I did. I'll get a new card and then RMA this one and see if the warranty still stands. If it does and it's defective I'll get a refund, or a new card and then sell it.
  8. Should be comparable in framerates to a GTX460(1gb) at modest resolutions in games; I'd not worry so much about pure graphics benchmarks, and do some actual gaming benchmarks at 19x12, etc....,2464.html
  9. Well yeah, actual gaming is how I noticed the poor performance in the first place. The 3dmark benchies were just a point of reference more than anything.
  10. Has this happened recently, like has it eventually come on over a period of time? You didn't mention drivers, have you updated them all, including Windows updates etc?

    Going back to your PSU, just for reference, test it with one known to work perfectly well and see what happens.
  11. The card isn't using 6.23v. If your 12v rail is showing that number with a software program, you should test it with a voltmeter/different program. If your PSU isn't putting out 12v, then the card is throttling its clock speeds to be able to run with the power its getting. The problem might be with your "850W" PSU and not the card.
  12. Tested it with a voltmeter and it's all within +/- 5. My bios also shows the actual output with the same readings. Also, the clock speeds don't seem to be throttling in GPU-Z but again it could be inaccurate with it being software.
  13. Also yeah all the drivers are up to date, so is Windows. BTW it's always done this since I bought it, and I don't have access to any other PSUs.
  14. Ask yourself this: is it really worth the trouble or should you just get a new card?
  15. The card was £275 when I bought it and I can't afford another card any time soon, so yeah, if there's a possibility of getting it working optimally it's worth it. If I *am* forced to buy another card, it'll be ATI. I've since learned that nVidia are stupidly overpriced.
  16. Not really; nvidia has more saturation at most price points. Both companies have really high value products and really overpriced junk.
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