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I just sold a PSU of mine and I was wondering if they need anti-static bags when shipped or would I be fine if I just wrapped it in newspaper and put it in the cardboard shipping box.
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  1. It would be fine with the newspaper. Anti static bags are usually used for very sensitive electrical components. A PSU isn't all that sensitive to static discharge. So it's absolutely safe and fine.
  2. The nice ones come in a felt bag which is basically the opposite of an antistatic bag, no need for anti static protection for a PSU, its designed to handle much greater power loads than a static shock would be. News paper will be fine assuming it keeps the PSU from rattling around too much.
  3. You're better off wrapping it in bubble-wrap.

    You can also use crumpled newspaper stuffed around the PSU, not wrapped around the PSU.

    The idea here is to provide some protection from impact. Newspaper wrapped around a PSU doesn't provide any of that. Wads of crumpled newspaper around all sides of the PSU does.

    PSU's don't suffer from static electric damage except for lightning.
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