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Dear Friends,

I have a problem in power supply...Sometimes my pc could not boot when pressing the power button(dose not start the monitor power also). if we press restart button it will power up the pc..but this is showing some regular intervals. but usually showing the power led is on. sometimes it suddenly shutdown as soon as boot finishes at desktop. sometimes it suddenly shut down when working some application like 3d max rendering, without any warning. i don't know weather it is problem regarding my power supply. but der is a miss matching of power code of power supply and mother board , the MB having 8 pin x2 power socket but the power supply having 4x2.. am using adapter for the multiplying of power cables.
I am using this sytem for 3d max visualization.

I want to solve it urgently...any specialist pls help me as soon as possible.

below is the spec of my PC

2 x AMD Opteron 6128 8-core Magny-Cours 2.0GHz Processor OS6128WKT8EGOWOF

ASUS KGPE-D16 Dual Socket G34 AMD SR5690 SSI EEB 3.61

Kingston 4x2gb 1333 RAM toatl 8 gb

Antec Twelve Hundred ATX 12 Drive Bays 2xUSB 2.0 eSATA Audio Full Tower Case

Nvdia Quadro fx 600 video card

Antec 950 w power supply

2x 1 TB seagate HD

Advance thanks for the responses.
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  1. I'll bet you it's the power Supply, try to monitor all the dc:s to look for a dip.
    It could also be a problem on the mother board, look for defective Condensators (chubby ones are defective)
  2. Dear Oldfox,

    Thanx for the response,

    I am not a hardware specialist , pls clarify the term "monitor all the dc:s to look for a dip"

    last time i replaced the MB . this is the new one...If the problem comes from power supply , how can i rectify it.

    Thanks in Advance...

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