How hot should Palit GTS 450 1gb DDR3 run at ??

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Just recently installed Palit GTS 450 1gb DDR3 runs 30 deg C and quiet when idling but running crysis 2 fan gets very noisy and seems to reach 80deg C , is this normal or am i likely to be damaging the rest of the system ??

Cheers Kev :sol:

(Ps used GPU-Z to check temp.)
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  1. Thats a completely normal temp.Most GTS450's average around 75c under load but the max temp is 100c.You are far from the max.

    GTS450 Roundup load temps
  2. The GTS 450 is not like the GTX 470 and 480, where they have extreme temperature spikes, but 80 is not TOO bad, though here:,2734-13.html it states that their high temperature load is about 73 degrees.

    If your card is is dusty, then it should be somewhat normal to have 80ish.
  3. Thanks for replies

    Was just a bit concerned as older Dell Pc with not a lot of room inside, which is why i needed this single slot type unlike the double slot with air vent.

    Q Would it be worth me taking off the next blanking plate on back panel to allow more air in or does that mess up the flow???

    Cheers Kev :sol:
  4. You're in normal temps there. As greghome says, be sure to get good airflow through your case. Intakes one end, exhausts the other, so you get a consistent direction of flow. Also download MSI Afterburner to manually set the fan speed to a more aggressive curve. This will result in more noise, but your GPU will stay cooler. Though NVidia cards mostly have their cooling set just right.
  5. Thanks for replies

    Cheers Kev :sol:
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