Ga-73pvm-s2h 4GB RAM only 3.25GB Useable.

Hi guys,

I run Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit.

My specs:

E6750 2.6Ghz
ga-73pvm-s2h Motherboard
5450 1GB PCI-e GFX Card.

For some reason, I only have 3.25GB ram useable out of my 4GB.

Could anyone tell me why this might be please? Could it be chipset limitation?

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  1. Your motherboard only accepts up to 4GB of memory:
  2. hi there
    the 1.75gb of ram is allocated to onboard graphics ... i discovered this when doing a recent build... and while installing windows i used the onboard intel HD graphics on the cpu....
    while installing windows system informed me i had 4gb of ram with 3.5gb usable ( it varies from motherboard and cpu... it depends how much memory is allocated to the onboard graphics
    however if you use a dedicated graphics card ( in my case i used a HD5750 ) you should go into the bios ( press delete at boot ) and disable any options that relate to the onboard graphics...... this include
    1) onboard video ... disable
    2) init display first... set this to peg or pci-x
    depending on the motherboard there may be more options relating to the onboard graphics ( being on the board or on the cpu ) .... consult your motherboard manual
    anyway as soon as i started using the HD5750 system preferences reported 4gb installed and 4gb usable ...... happy days
    hope this helps
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