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No video after plugging in both plugs on GTX 560 ti

I have a brand new home built machine with a new Gigabyte Z68 Motherboard. I had only 1 6 pin plug in the graphics card...i plugged the other one in and all of a sudden I get no signal anymore. I dont even get a signal with the on board graphics. I have no idea what to do. as soon as I plug both in and signal. Take one plug out and the plug in the hdmi in the motherboard I get a signal. WTH?

Any help...thanks. Also I edited the bios to show the right pCI express slot for display.
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    With both 6 pin PCIe power plugs in the card fails to output a signal? Sounds like RMA time to me. Have you access to another machine you could try it in?
  2. Yeah I do....I suppose I can try that.....really irks me though...brand new card.
  3. Card works on older computer.....could it be that it is not compatible with the new motherboard I have

    I dont know where to go to look for that.

    Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3

    What could be wrong in the new machine. Please take into account this is my first machine I ever built. Everything works but the video card for some reason...
  4. I have two 560's running on a P67 board so it's not that, are you using the DVI port or the HDMI port?
  5. HDMI...I am using the newer board....

    I am updating the drivers on the old computer to see if it will fully work.
  6. I just dont understand why when I plug the 2 6 pin connectors in the card that the motherboard video display would not work....makes no sense.
  7. With a discrete card plugged in the motherboard video output would normally be disabled automatically, why is that a problem?
  8. i enabled it to be on....maybe i should change the setting.

    Maybe re installing it will help.....i am not sure....seems like the motherboard is not liking the card.

    sidenote my windows graphics rating on my old HP just went from 5.9 to 7.7 with the new card.....grrr i want this in my new machine!
  9. So you are trying to have video output from both the graphic card and the motherboard?
  10. no i just want the graphics card to be the display driver but I was trying to see if I could see anything on the screen with it hooked up.

    thanks for you help by the way
  11. Now I'm just confused as to what you've done and why you would want to do that.
  12. bottom line is when I install and hook up the graphics card there is no screen in the new computer. On the old computer it worked perfectly. So there is something going on here in the new build. I just dont know what it is.
  13. well......i have no idea what happened....i did plug the 6 pin adapter into a black plug from the psu instead of white and now it works....sorry for wasting your time.

    i am not sure why it is working now though....but i dont care it was probably a bad seating in the PCI express port
  14. yeah i know it is people like me that drive you guyz nuts. sorry. But thanks for the input. I think i was too quick to create a post but i was losing patience.
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