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I am looking for the best parts I can get for the money for this budget-oriented computer under $1000. I want to be able to have the parts necessary to stream my PC and console games. I know hardware just as the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle require certain computer parts, so this is what I am looking at. I want to be able to get this computer sometime in September. I would appreciate the help. Thank you!
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  1. So... any ideas? lol
  2. Hello Karuto;

    $1000 is overkill for what you want to do.
    What type of internet connection/speed do you have?
  3. It's the upload speed I'd be most interested in knowing.
  4. Well, I have 5mbps download, so I'm sure the upload speed is probably just under 1mbps upload. I figured I didn't need that much, but I figured I'd give a bigger cap and work down. Thanks!
  5. Broadband Speed Tests

    Is your ISP one of those that tend to cap or charge for data usage above a certain amount?
  6. Well, I live in Des Moines and use Qwest (just changed to CenturyLink) if that helps. I do not believe that cap or throttle.
  7. Qwest's 1st Rule of Bandwidth Caps: Don't Talk About The Caps

    You also need to check the fine print of your service contract to see if they allow you to run a server on a standard broadband contract. I know you probably don't think of 'streaming' video or audio as running a 'server' but that is exactly what you're doing. You might need a business class broadband plan to allow you to do that.

    The actual hardware to compress and push the content up to JustinTV isn't a major consideration. Any fast dual core Sandy Bridge CPU tower will do the job nicely.
    $500 if you already have a monitor.
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