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Graphics Card going bad?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
June 6, 2011 1:24:48 AM

Hi guys and gals,

i have a 512mb 9800 GT. I belive it is going bad. With speed fan, it says my ambient no load temp was 59-60 celcius. The most intense thing i regularly do is play world of warcraft. When I loaded the game the temp would rise to 75-80 celcius and then lock up the computer with red lines all over the screen. When i surf the web, no problems at all. So i take the card out and take it apart, maybe not the brightest idea, but when i put it back in, the card works, i have video on my monitor, but it is like on default monitor and 800x600 resolution. But the nvidia control panel does not show a recognized nvidia gpu. Speedfan does not show a gpu temp now... my voltage readings are

VCC3v- 3.46v
Vcore - .94v
vram - .13v
vchipset - .04v
+5v - 5.26v
+12v - 13.02
vcc1.5v - 0.04
vsb3v - 3.39
vbat - 3.33v

I don't know if that info helps, but looks like I am getting a new video card and hopefully not a new PSU.

My rig is I7 MSI x85 pro 6g ram, no problems at all until the other night. The rig has been running good for 18 months.

Thanks guys


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June 6, 2011 6:21:16 PM

Anyone got an idea?