PSU help.

Hi there

Can this Unamed Psu run my system

My System
Cpu : Amd Phenom 2 945 Stock (no oc)
Ram : Kingston 2x2GB DDR3 1333mhz
Graphic card : Gainward Nvidia Gtx460 (no oc)
Mobo : ASUS M4N75TD
+2xsmall fans and one 25cm Case Fan

Well my psu specs looks like this :

These are Cables:

Okay problem is my psu is 500w but it havent got two PCI-E connectors but I have reduction like this:

And I wanna connect it like this (imagine second reduction):

GTX460 uses 2x6pin PCI-E so when I buy another one will I be able to power up my system and
play games with it ? I dont plan oc or anything else .

And sry for bad english :D
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  1. Your psu is 500W maximum output not continuous output.
    Personally i wouldn't risk it,since we have no idea how much power the unit really supplies.
    I would buy a better psu that has pci-e connections onboard.
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