Corsair ax 750 one peripheral connector

hi all im using corsair ax 750
and i want to narrow down the cable,, what i mean is minimalize the cable by using
the molex connector to supply 2 optical storage and 4 internal hard disk...

is it ok ?
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  1. what i mean is this cable

    there is 4 branch of the molex, which 2 i used it with nzxt sata 44 d and nzxt sata 42d

    so is it allright for the harddisk ?
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    SO you'll be using 6 devices on the 4 molex connectors using splitters on 2 of the molex pins?
    If I get it right......
    Just make sure you don't have them all running at the same time, stick to the combination of a max of 4 running at a time, since the current might just drop a little causing you to have the optical drive just drop data while writing to a disc.
    It'll be synonymous with a power fluctuation ...... but only in the molex circuits.
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