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I want to move my system over to a single gpu triple monitor display. Right now I am running a 480gtx and I think im going to switch over to a 6970 due to the eyexfinity feature.

So my question is how do I set up/can I set up a triple monitor display with the 6970 and three of these monitors:


Also can I run all three at max resolution and if so what type of quality would I see in gameplay?
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  1. There are two DVI slots I can see, and there are available HDMI to DVI adapters too, so you could hook up three of those monitors completely fine (after buying an HDMI to DVI)

    I Can't tell you the exacts because I do not own the card, but I can tell you a 6970 is amazing, and overkill for most games.
  2. As I was reading I found many people stating that the display port must be used, do I need to buy an adapter?
  3. My GPU came with one, but if yours doesn't then you must. the package shows that yours does not come with one.

    you can find them at stores like bestbuy.
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    Yes i think for triple Eye Finity the DisplayPort must be used. The active adapters can be found at most retail places.
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