Coolermaster Elite 355 Case Problem

Hi guys, I've been visiting for the site for a while now but only registered recently, this is my first post so bare with me please :)

I'm currently in the process of building a PC, its my first build. My Coolermaster Elite 335 Case arrived today, whilst looking through it to get familiar with the case I noticed that the manual did not say which holes I had to put the standoffs in for when I get my motherboard on the 30th. There are a total of 17 holes where standoffs could fit but the case only came with 9 standoffs. I've looked through the Elite 335 page on the Coolermaster website and the PDF's on there do not help.

Do any of you guys own/previously owned a Coolermaster Elite 335 Case before? My Motherboard I'm going to get is a Micro-ATX one. I have checked the packaging twice and there is no information on which holes to put the standoffs in. I'd be greatly appreciative to anyone who could help.

Coolermaster Elite 335 Support Page.

Thank you.
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  1. you got nine stand off to use with a atx board the micro use only 6,use this on page two
  2. Yeah I know but it doesn't say which holes on the case I have to put the standoffs in.
  3. look carefuly at the diagram you sse the standoff and the hole where they go
  4. I've found them now :) They were written at the bottom of the case. I couldn't see it before because its been a dark, overcast day. Thanks for the help :)
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