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Hi, I'll be building a computer soon. I7 3770k with Asus z77 V pro mobo. I want 16 gb of ram. Should I get 4x4gb or 2x8gb. And what speed? I've read that 1600 MHz is optimal. But will getting 1866mhz be better for overclocking in terms of more headroom. And lastly does it affect the performance if get a 4x4gb vs 2x8gb? Or it doesn't make a difference? Which is best?
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  1. 1) if you are using windows 7 premium edition, max memory is 16 gigs, so if you want to go above 16 gigs must move up to more expensive professional or higher Ed.
    2) For gaming, Very Little increase in performance:
    .. above 8 gigs of ram ( I do use i6 gigs, but not a gamer)
    .. Very little increase above DDR3-1333, so even less going from 1600->1866
    .. Very little improvement going from CL7 -> 8 -> 9
    3) Their are a few Apps that can take advantage of Lower CL ratings and Higher freq (Speed) Ram.
    4) going above 8 gigs is primarily a factor in heavy multi tasking.

    If Planning on going above 16 gigs and Only have 4 sllots then 2 x 8 is a must.

    Generally, the 4 x 4 will have lower CL rating than 2 x 8. Also generally when moving from 1600 -> 1866, CL rating will be lower. Hwever, CL rating has less effect than increasing BW (Speed) in most cases.

    With SB CPUs, using memory above Spec (SB spec is 1333) is considered an OC (ie using DDR3-1600 or above), EVEN if CPU is NOT OCed, and will void warrantee - Only an issue if CPU dies and you try to RMA the CPU. Intel doessell a OC varantee - ie $25 for i5-2500K.
    Have Not confirmed, but this is probably also true for IB which uses a spec of DDR3-1600. If true then DDR3-1866 would void warantee.

    IF not going above 16 Gigs ram - Your choice. Both should allow OCing the IB CPU.
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