Audio over HDMI (spdif) Volume issue

OK so the problem I'm having is i have very low volume coming through spdif on my nvidia card.

The setup I'm using is a NVIDIA 9400GT running SPDIF through HDMI cable (audio enabled) into my 32" Samsung TV, then im running the audio out RCA's into my Logitech 5.1 x-530 System.

I have both system volume, SPDIF volume and even Media player volume set to 100%

Its not so bad coming through the speakers themselves cause i have the independent volume knob on the speakers themselves BUT the issue is when my Headphones are plugged in the volume is far to quiet (TV on other side of room will drown out the volume coming through headphones)

The only reason this is a problem for me is if my partner is watching TV on demand on the net when me and my mates are gaming or if shes watching movies with her mates and I'm doing something on the PC.

If anyone could offer any help would be greatly appreciated, as i don't want to have to change audio devices between spdif output and my PCI card for headphones every time i plug them in.

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. Hey man,

    Don't have an answer for ya but I have the same / similar problem. Have audio out of my htpc over hdmi through my hd 6970 card into my samsung 46" led hdtv and then spidf out of the tv to my boston acoustics sound bar / sub. Audio from media center is really quiet, I crank the soundbar all the way up and some shows all still hard to hear. This is recordings off comcast digital cable with a ceton card.

    The regular pc sounds are loud and if I switch the tv to cable box input without lower the speakers first it is ridiculous loud. So yea, not sure if you are using media center but for me I have not found a solution, just many other people online with the same problem. I think it must be a microsoft / media center problem that I have not found any acknowledgement from microsoft or a fix.

    If you figure anything out or anyone else there has an answer / workaround / solution let me know.


  2. You might have the wrong sound device set as default.

    What version of windows?

    Try: Control Panel -> Sound. See which playback device is the default and play around with that.
  3. No, I'm pretty tech savy. Default out and current out is over ATI Hdmi. Only one entry of that nature so yea.

    Windows 7 x64 Ult with all updates to date.
  4. @Total: Dang. I suppose if you only have this problem with Windows Media Center, then that program is the culprit. You could use VLC or an alternative to play music/videos.

    @Mikey: I just tested this and it looksl like I also have to change playback devices from HDMI to "Speakers" to get my headset to work properly. It's not that bad. Let me know if you do find a workaround, though.
  5. Right so i tested this pretty thoroughly and i didnt find any fix the only thing i found to make it easier was to leave my headphones plugged into my pci card, i then disabled all my sound devices bar the headphone out and spdif and put shortcut on my desktop to switch between when i need them.

    I think the issue is because the spdif is coming from the graphics card to the mobo and then from graphics card through hdmi that there's not enough decent hardware powering the output (as its only made to be graphics card) and the spdif is just an extra.

    So the issue is still there and if anyone else has some recommendations please let us know.

    Thanks guys
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