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Gigabyte GA-A55M-DS2 - Need to boot twice to get the keyboard working

Greetings all,

So far I have this weird problem... I bought a new rig since my former PC plagued me with problems I don't seem to figure out how to fix, now here we go again... :(

Now my problem is that I have to boot my PC twice to get my keyboard working properly...

On first boot all seems to be going well (No beeps, no errors, no nothing, all well) except for the keyboard seems to be deactivated, so I have to reboot to get the keyboard working properly. This becomes annoying if you continually doing it, since you always have to boot twice.

I was thinking maybe this is a motherboard problem so I already messaged them (Gigabyte Troubleshooting Page) 2 days ago but it seems like there is no replies up to now.

Please help if you have any ideas about this...

Thanks much...

My Rig:

A6-3500 APU
Gigabyte GA-A55M-DS2 ver 2.x
Kingston 1600MHz DDR3 4GBx2
PS2 mouse and keyboard
Seagate HD


OS: Windows 7/Linux Mint 13 Maya

Thanks much...
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  1. Have you tried swapping to another keyboard to see if that solves the problem? Looks like you are using an old PS2 mouse and keyboard. Are you using PS2 to USB adapters? Or, are you connecting them directly into the PS2 ports?
  2. I'm using a plain PS2 keyboards (A4Tech) and mouse...

    I tried updating my BIOS from F1 to F2b but still the problem persisted...

    Tried using a USB keyboard I borrowed from a friend, it Worked like a charm... No more deactivated keyboard on first cold boot.

    I have not tried using an alternative PS2 keyboard. What I'm using now is quite an old keyboard but still fully functional...

    I'm really just curious as to causes the system to deactivate the PS2 keyboard on first cold boot and not the USB keyboard. All the succeeding boot ups (system restarts) eliminates the problem, normalizing the PS2 keyboard full functions, until the next first cold reboot which again the cycle begins...
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    Could just be a case of old tech have an issue with the new tech. Honestly, I would recommend you dump the PS2 devices altogether.
  4. I think so too...

    Thanks for the replies... :)
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