My PC suddenly hang when playing games, Don't know what happened

My PC specs,
Intel Core2Duo E7200
DDR2 2gb
Asus GT440 1gb
500W gigabytes

I don't what happened.
For the first time. I think it is because of overheating, I already cleaned up all the dust inside my pc, fans, etc, even I opened up my casing when turning on the computer, the problem still not solved,

Then, I changed the power supply, just thinking that my old power supply do not have enough power, but the problems still happened.

I've run the memtest86 to check my ram, the result is OK. No error.

What happened to my PC ?
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  1. Anything happen after or during? Like BSOD. My PC screen will become full or blocks of colours and tearing if my graphics card overheats, whereas my CPU just makes the whole system freeze if it overheats, so that would lead me to think its your CPU.

    Maybe try putting some fresh heatsink paste on the cpu heatsink. Is the CPU overclocked at all?
  2. New drivers?
  3. Clean from dust it doesn't mean you can eliminate the overheating issue, you must be sure, install HW monitor:
    And check all your temps there...

    Only happened on some games or all of them?
  4. I already run Prime 95 torture test for about 13 hours, but the temperature of my cpu was still stable at about 72 degree.

    For the Video Card, I ran FurMark Burn It test, for about 3 hours, and the highest temperature that I got for my video card is only 75 degree.

    Do you think it is because of registry fault ?
  5. It could be...
    Try rolli59 suggestion above, re-install (new) drivers, that should help...
  6. I already, update my video cards driver and motherboard chipset driver, any other driver that I should update ?
  7. Additional info,
    sometimes it survives from total crash, it hang for about 1 or 2 seconds, then the color changes, for example if I play FIFA 12, the color of my team jersey turn from red to black, the field turn to red or something, like not stable one.
  8. Well, it could be anything...
    It's weird. Have a friend or someone to borrow his card?
  9. What PSU did you use to determine that the current PSU is faulty?

    Maker, Model, approximate age, etc.

    The noise/ripple charts are all over the place with a quality review for a PSU with the same manufacturer. If the PSU you are using is old, capacitor aging could have greatly exacerbated the problems with the noise/ripple charts causing power delivery to be even more all over the place.

    If the other PSU that was tested in this PC was equally bad, it would make sense that the exact same problem would continue.

    If the test was done with an Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, or similar PSU with equal wattage, then I might think that it was something else.

    Otherwise, this seems to be a PSU problem.
  10. I use Gigabyte PowerRock 500W,
    I just bought this PSU last week, because at first, I think my old PSU got problems,
    But the problem still happen after I changed the PSU.
  11. If your replacement was the exact same kind as the one you are currently using, I would suggest trying an Antec EarthWatts 430 instead and see if that fixes it.

    Anything higher wattage from Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, or XFX would be equally fine to test with.
  12. My OLD power supply was bundle with the ATX casing, very crappy one. I just bought this new power supply when bought the GT440, before this, I never used video card,
  13. Gigabyte isn't known to be a quality maker of PSUs, they are known to be quality makers of video cards and motherboards.

    I suggested the Antec EarthWatts 430 for testing because Antec is known to be a good PSU manufacturer.
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