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whats the best gaming cpu i can use with my Asrock N68-VS3 UCC mobo? my AMD althlon x3 440 is just not cutting it :pfff:
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  1. The Phenom II X4 955 (95W TDP version, not the Black Edition because it's not supported) would be the best gaming CPU on that board.

    Here's the supported CPU's list, so you can look at it for yourself, though.

    It will support a few Phenom II X6's, as well, but the extra two cores don't mean anything for gaming and the fastest X6 that it supports is 300Mhz slower than the 955.
  2. ^That's correct.
  3. how much of a upgrade would that be from my AMD athlon x3 440 oc@ 3.6?
  4. If your budget allows, you may want to consider a rebuild. That mobo is limited to 1000MT/s so it won't get the best out of any CPU.
    If your budget allows a rebuild, benchmarks and reviews have now shown that, since the SB Pentiums were released, there is no longer any price point at which Intel does not outperform AMD. With even some H61 mobos offering SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0, AMD has lost its chipset edge as well.
  5. cant afford a rebuild....i just need something a little better then my althlon that use a lot of cpu power just dont cut it with my cpu i.e just cause 2 when i run it maxed out on my gtx 550ti oc to 1ghz my gpu% never gets over 60% but my cpu gets up to 80% 90% even with my 3.6 oc
  6. Well then, that 955 is probably as well as you'll do. Good luck. The L3 cache should help.
  7. He's already got a 3.6GHz OC; you think the mobo can make as much difference as a CPU with a guaranteed 4th core and L3? If he could get both, yeah because that nForce board is a a dead weight around his neck, but if one or the other, not both?
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