120mm vs 140mm fan?

Hi there, I am building a new computer and have a decision on fans for my case. I have narrowed it down to these two options. 120mm 140mm

I can install either of these fans sizes in my case and on my CPU cooler.

This is my case:

And this is my CPU cooler:

They can in install either 120mm or 140mm fans. I will be buying 9 fans, 2 for my CPU cooler and 7 for the case (3 for the top, 2 for the front, 1 for the bottom and 1 for the back.

I think that I should go with the 120mm because it pushes almost 15CFM more than the 140mm at the same noise level.

Could you please help me on this one!

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  1. It seems that no one can answer this. Would the bigger 140mm be better for airflow and cooling or the higher CFM 120mm fan?

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    Higher CFM means more airflow! More cooling comes with more airflow!
    The only thing the 140mm has is that it rotates slower and therefore is slightly more quiet!
  3. So the 120mm it is?

  4. Would it be a better idea to have a 140mm fan for the CPU cooler because it will cool more of the surface area? Or is it still better to get a 120mm fan that pushes ~ 15 CFM more?

    Thanks and I really need an answer since I am buying soon.
  5. The CFM is what provides the cooling so the 120mm is going to be the better.
  6. JUst what are you building that you need 7 case fans for? Has Nvidia come out with nuclear powered GPU's?
  7. Well the case I am getting supports 3 top fans, 2 front fans, 1 back fan and 1 bottom fan. It also supports 1 180mm side fan. I was just curious what fan would be better. Thanks! I thibk ill go with the 120mm fan.
  8. Whats the point of the link? It isn't even better than the fans I suggested. It is only capable of 76CFM vs a fan that spins 100 RPM slower and 34CFM more. I don't care about noise.

    Thanks for the answers and i think the scythe 1900 RPM fan is the best on the site.
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