Hey guys ,
i know its not a very new Montor to talk about but i wanna know 2 things about SW2333 , first what is the panel of this thing ? another TN panel or IPS or sth i dont know ? and sec thing is what do u think overaly about this monitor ? right now i have a LG W2286L and its a damn LED Monitor but i realy dont like the quality , what do u think about SW2333 ? make me clear like always ;)
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  1. ok no one gave me a hint so at least give me some advices about this topic , Samsung SW2333 Vs Samsung B2330H , B2330H have a HDMI port but i dont realy care , the only important thing for me is picture quality , so what do u think ?
  2. I think you should have read the rules before making the second post.

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