EVGA 780i w/ EVGA 9800 GX2 paperweight

Hey there gents,
I've had my computer for about 18 months now (got it from ibuypower)
2.83 quad core on a 780i mobo, 4GB RAM, and a 9800 GX2. A couple months back my video card took a dump and I decided I need to get this thing fixed. I'm running Vista 64 (probably my first problem) and my Display Devices shows 2 Nvidia Geforce 9800 GX2's both have the error symbol on them. In properties it shows that they have the error 43 code. My mobo just went for a nose dive off a cliff tonight, hard power off for no reason, twice. Cleaned out the tower disconnected my video card, air sprayed and reinstalled, same with my RAM. Froze at the boot screen, so I used the Windows disc to repair. Got it working again, and tried reinstalling the original drivers for the mobo and GX2. Nothing tried updating them from the internet, nothing. I'm using the DVI port on my GX2, for some reason the other plug doesn't work, HDMI does though.
If I hadn't paid so much for the thing, I would just launch it off my back deck.
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  1. Well we certainly know how you derived your screen name.

    If possible could you try installing another graphics card known to work fine in your machine to see how it fares. You could have a dead card causing your entire system problems.

    Conversely, if it's your system. Try running memtest (google search and follow instructions on how to run) to see if your RAM is healthy. Processors either work 100% or they don't at all so that's not a factor. If it's the motherboard, that's near impossible to diagnose and is usually resorted to as the cause of trouble if all other avenues are exhausted to no avail. Also try running prime95 to torture test your system as a whole.

    Aside from that, what PSU have you got? Is it an unbranded one or a proper one like Antec or Corsair?
  2. Not sure about the RAM's health, I was running the memory test after the first shutdown and the whole system powered down halfway through. Haven't tried it since.
    My PSU is from Tuniq, 950W. I'll give prime95 a shot.
    Thanks for the help.
  3. Try memtest again, if it can't make it passed one 'pass' without either shutting down or throwing 0 errors then maybe you want to try some new RAM.

    Also, if possible (and i know this going to get annoying), try using a different PSU. Like one from Antec or Corsair or any other decent make (Seasonic, Silverstone etc).
  4. Ugh, that sounds fun. I've been on the other side of the tracks for years now (console gaming) I guess this is eventually the road that leads to Diablo 3. Lol
    Running the torture test now, took me a while to figure out how to get the thing actually testing. Although I guess I started and stopped the thing before it finished a dozen times. When it wraps up I'll let you know how it goes and then try the memtest again.
  5. Prime95 will run until you press stop, or until a hardware error is detected. And yes, Diablo 3 will never go to consoles. If it does, i'll be the first to jump off the nearest bridge.
  6. www.consolegaming/diablo3preview121


  7. They're talking about it, I don't see it working but they are. Same with Dungeon Siege 3, we'll see how that goes. Ok well I've had the thing running for a while now and haven't encountered any errors. Maybe its time to wipe out the whole kitten caboodle and start with Windows 7.
  8. I leave everything to MouseMonkey, see you all on the other side.
  9. LOL
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