I was Updating my BIOS

I was updating my BIOS and my PC shut off. Now when I turn it on it constantly beeps. I have an Dell Inspiron 531. If anyone would be willing to help please answer.
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  1. You can try to reset the BIOS manually to resolve the problem. Disconnect all power sources, including the power cable, monitor cable, and powered speakers. Once disconnected, press the power button to discharge any residual power stored in the system (seriously).

    Next, pop the cover off and locate the motherboard battery. Remove the battery. Wait 1 minute. Reinstall the battery. Put cover back on and reconnect all connections.

    Try again.

    If that fails, I suggest you contact Dell for more detailed BIOS recovery assistance.

    Good luck!

  2. some mb if you put the bios on a cd or floppy it try and recovery the bios when you power up the pc..if the floppy and cd-rom being looked at. sometime with bios there are hard keystokes to hold down to recover the bios. google bios recovery and you should find ami and the other vendor bios recovery.
  3. Thank you very much for the helpful responses. I will try them in order when I have time. I will let you know how this goes.
  4. I removed a stick of RAM and reset CMOS but the beeping still keeps going. Now I'm going to try to take out the motherboard battery.
  5. Quote:
    is there a CMOS jumper.?

    Yeah there is. I moved the two chips that are the CMOS jumper for my computer onto the other ones. It didn't work.
  6. Quote:
    did you follow the instructions.? (serious question)
    you have to wait at least 15 seconds after powering down.
    then you move jumper for about 5 seconds or so.
    then move jumper back.

    power has to be disconnected and not just powered off.

    My computer was removed from the power. I opened it up. The CMOS jumper for my cable is two little blue things. There are three slots. I moved the two blue things to the other slots. I waited and then I moved the slots back. I then closed the computer and then plugged it back in. When the I placed the plug into the computer it turned on and started beeping again.
  7. Its one constant beep and it never stops. I was updating my BIOS and it just shut down.
  8. Did you contact Dell for help? If not, try them.

    Otherwise, you may indeed have to do as verbz has suggested and swap in a working motherboard.
  9. Quote:
    outta warranty, outta production, no longer supported by customer service without business class warranty.
    build a new computer or get refurb parts.
    all you can do..

    I wish I could wave my magical staff but my jedi powers are recharging..

  10. Sometimes Dell will help you out of the kindness of their heart, but not often. Still worth a shot.
  11. COLGeek said:
    Sometimes Dell will help you out of the kindness of their heart, but not often. Still worth a shot.

    They said there was no warranty and wanted me to pay for assistance. Obviously I hung up.
  12. krackhead992 said:
    They said there was no warranty and wanted me to pay for assistance. Obviously I hung up.

    Understood. Was worth a shot. If you want to keep the ol' rig around, do as verbz suggested and get a new working mobo and swap it in.

    These guys provide Dell parts. I have bought from them in the past with no issues at all:

  13. Thanks for the advice. I may buy the mobo thanks for the link. If I was looking for a new PC that wouldn't be too expensive what would you suggest?
  14. two things that might save you. look at the bios chip label. if it ami or one of the big bios vendors see if they have a forced bios recovery. sometime it a keystoke and a bios file name a certain way. if the bios chip is toast and wont recover look at it and see if it can be pulled and replaced. some mb it soilder on some mb you can pull and replace it. if it a pull and replace then all you need do is look on ebay for a replacment bios chip or buy one from a bios chip seller. then all you need do is flash the bios.
  15. Quote:
    new PC....
    what's the total budget and do you need monitors and the OS.?

    I don't need a monitor since I have a perfectly new one. The budget would be up to $500. I don't have a bunch of money to spend since I'm 17.
  16. Quote:
    spare parts like HDD's and optical (DVD).?

    I don't understand. The only spare parts would be from the Inspiron and two other old computers.
  17. Quote:
    OK, so what are they.?

    I don't know what you mean. I have everything.
  18. Quote:
    Operating System.?

    The Inspiron is Vista, and the two others are xp. My dad has Windows 7 on his working computer if that means anything.
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