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I have recently bought this:

And a HD radeon 7770.

My monitor is VGA, the motherboard as far as I know even has a display port, but the graphics card has DVI-i / HDMI / DP.

Is there something I can buy that will link my graphics card to my monitor allowing me to SEE anything..? thanks
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    Your motherboard has no on-board video adapters. Since your GPU has a DVI-I port, you can use a DVI to VGA adapter to connect to your VGA only display. Now, you just need the adapter.

    Something like this:
  2. Just plug your monitor into the 7770 using a DVI to VGA adapter. The adapter should have come with your 7770, honestly.

    If not, this is what you need: V-707438 - Scan DVI VGA Adaptor - DVI-A (Male) to D-Sub (Female)
  3. Thanks sir, goodluck :)

    I have granted you best answer, and I look forward to playing on my new rig :D
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  5. Thanks and have fun!
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