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Hi to all! Ok, my name is Alexander, i leave in Italy, and I am a big fan of Counter-Strike:Source :D

First i have to tell i have the PC for more than 2 years, all worked fine until a bad day.

Just playing as normal Counter strike, and suddenly the whole screen freeze with a some pink color at middle, extended water-waves style to the exterior of screen.

The sound was techno like style with a playback and i had to turn off manually the PC by holding button.

After 2-3 minutes i go to power up the PC, loaded fine, and just moved the mouse a little and freeze again.

Same story, power off manually PC, wait 15 min and again, i tried to power up, all was fine, then this time was more that resisted, like 15 seconds of moving the mouse on screen and freeze up again... I had now to go in safe mode, that worked lol, and installed a new video driver, suspecting the video card, but the same .

I want to know wtf happens with my PC, if you guys can understand , please very much help, and many tanks in advice for every word replied to me.

The PC details are here [if need more just reply]:

Computer: Packard-Bell [desktop-PC]

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+ [2.60 GHz]

Motherboard/model: Foxconn MCP61DM2MA

Chipset: NVIDIA

Memory/model[RAM]: 4096 MB DDR2

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GS

Dedicated video memory: 128 MB [total 1663 MB]

Sound hardware: Realtek

OS[Operating System]: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

BIOS/Date version: Phoenix Technologies 31/02/2007
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  1. Watch your language. :non:
  2. Try a different video card.
  3. Tanks you guys for reply, em, I'm sorry for my bad censored language, but you may know how is when someone have a damned day.

    And i can't just change the video card, furthermore i wish to know if is possible to fix it, and just i case that there is someone that wants help me, if some information miss, please don't hesitate require.
  4. If a video card dies, it dies. By trying a friends card in your machine you'll be able to rule out monitor or PSU. If you put a friends card in your computer and the problem goes away, it is the video card. Lucky for you the 8300GS is a junk card, so its not like an expensive one died.
  5. Well 4745454b, maybe was a 'junk' card, but served my needs more then 2 years, and worked well on CSS. And you're right, if a card dies, it dies, but sometimes idk it works, i mean i think that was a overheat problem, but seems if i let the PC off 1 week and power on it again, not work. Maybe after 5 minutes, same day, power on again, and 2-click on CSS and work. I think also that may be some hardware error like RAM but, from 2 computers i have at home, no one have PCI Express to test my card -.- And here, the friends, tell don't put garbage in their computer, idk i'm forced to require some money to my father for a new card ...:\
  6. I didn't mean to insult you. I simply meant that at least a cheaper card died. You'd be crying if your brand new $300 6950 died.

    Find a new friend, one who has a PCIe card?
  7. You can change the PSU from a friend and see if it works. Your friends would have a PSU... right?

    Off Topic:
    @4745454b: Just wondering... why that strange number on your username? Was it your phone number? :)
  8. The think with the friends is bit complex, and i don't really wanna to share some informations(mean i cannot make exchanges). By the way, I want search for a fix, but seems doesn't exist...
  9. That's puts you in a lot of trouble. I don't think there are any fixes for it. You may end up changing both and find that the problem lies somewhere else.
  10. Open the side of your case, when the computer freezes put your fingers (GENTLY) on your graphics card then your memory, feel to see if either are very hot. A while ago I had problems with freezing and it turned out to be my memory overheating.

    You may have lots of dust collecting in your CPU fan and/or graphics card fan.

    If this isn't the case then you could try to format the PC if your unable to test your graphics card etc in another computer, at least you'd be ruling out more options. :)
  11. jamesunsworth, you mean to touch the RAM or the video card's memory? Ah and the dust, i already used compressed air to clean up, and i already reformatted the PC but i not tried to touch the thinks :D
  12. Ok guys, this is, today i will buy a new card an NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 , i saw the specs on nvidia website and is much better than 8300 one, so i decided buy it :D Tanks for your replies, and i think the topic can be locked...
  13. The 520 isn't much of a gaming card. Better then the 8300 sure, but still not very good. The GTS450 or even the old GT240 would be better for gaming.
  14. I play only Counter Strike Source. CSS ran very well on old 8300. If GT 520 is better than 8300, obviously for CSS why should not be good?.. and is the one i found at good price in local market ...
  15. Because you never know when the next CS:S will come out? You play CS:S now, but what happens when some new game comes out you want to play? I play Team Fortress 2 nearly exclusively. 6mo ago it was all I played. I have spent a lot of time recently playing L4D2. (almost 50/50 at the moment.) While the demands are similar I could have had a lot of problems if my new game was Metro or something else. The game I see me pouring a lot of time into is Diablo 3. While I could get away with something a lot weaker then my 5750, I like to have the power just in case I need it.
  16. Yes you're right, you never know when you see a game, and you wanna it, but i'm not that kind of person who look for very powerful games, in mean for high graphics requirements like Nuke Dukem Forever etc...I already purchased the 520 and enjoy CSS with PshycX feature witch for me is more than good...and there are only updates to it, doesn't change graphics requirements, and i even not update to be sincerely... So for me this card is perfect, cuz fit my need :D...
  17. Source doesn't support PhysX, so your not using that. If the 520 works for you congrats. I still feel there were other and better options but seeing as you already bought it to late now.
  18. Tanks for you interest, but money "speak" always last.
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