Is my pc underclocked?

hi guys i recently notice my pc is currectly underclocked
from 2.6GHZ to 1.8GHZ

just to be sure my pc is UC and if it possible to get it back to 2.6

here is my full spec:
Gigabyte GA-G31m-Es2c
Windows xp pro
Nvidia Geforce 9500
Intel pentium Dual-Core E5300
Stock Fan/Heatsink

Sorry With my Bad English :D
if im in the wrong section of the forum feel free to move it
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  2. DelroyMonjo said:

    if i raise the ratio to 13 will the heat increase?
  3. Yes, the heat will increase but only within the temps the processor is supposed to be working at.
    It does seem to have fallen lower than the default value, and makes me wonder why?
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