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I have bought a second hand laptop Dell Inspiron 9300 and the graphic card is faulty. It features GeForce 6800 Go, a high end model back then.

I would like to ask - how do you identify whether the fault is in the chip (core) or in the 256 MB memory that comes with it? I saw some chips for good price, but is it hard to change? I can dissasemble my laptop fine and am mediocre with soldering.

Has any of you change dedicated graphics in Inspiron 9xxx or 6xxx? I expect it to be similar with these models.

Your advice is very much appreciated.

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  1. My best suggestion would be to take the laptop apart and remove the heatsink off the gpu. With the heatsink off the gpu power it on and leave it on for 5 minutes. After it has been on that long turn it off and do not touch the gpu core as it will be extremely hot. Let cool 10 minutes reapply thermal paste and reassemble. It should work after that. That was my method for fixing a Dell E1705 :)
  2. One, if you plan to upgrade, check to see what model card it is. It is either MXM I, MXM II, or MXM III Type B. If it is an AGP-era card, then you cannot upgrade. You will not need to solder anything, its similar to replacing a GFX card in a desktop, except, you have to take apart everything.
  3. The inspiron 9300 uses a proprietary dell module. 6800 is really the best choice
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