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I am to the point where All I need to finish off this Home build is a GPU and A HDD. I had the Evga GTX 560 Ti in mind but the GTX 570 is looking more attractive each time I look at it. The Samsung Spinpoint is one the list for this Friday I just need a nudge in the right direction as far as GPU's are concerned. Best Bang for the buck. Here she is partially assembled. I didn't mount the cooler just the brackets

I've got $667.00 in to this point and looking to spend another $400.00 or less between video card and HDD.
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    In my mind, I don't know if you get $80-$100 better performance when going from the 560 ti to the 570. This is a useful comparison review: You get a 10-15% overall performance boost from the switch, for a roughly 40-50% increase in price going from the 560 ti to the 570.
  2. Your logic is flawless. The GTX 560 Ti it will be. That means I'll be able to reach my intended target of under $1000 dollars. Thanks for your input.
  3. If you have any interest in bitcoin mining, look at ATI cards. Because of the type of calculations involved, they are around 5x faster than nVidia cards.
    If not, I agree that gallen89's argument for the GTX560Ti is good.
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