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I am upgrading my mobo/CPU/Ram and hence I want a clean windows install to go with the upgrade. The problem is that I lost my (retail and original) Windows 7 CD.

My question is: Is there a way to recover my Windows 7 64 bit product key from within windows? Then I`d need to borrow a friend`s installation CD and use my recovered key with it? Is it doable, or am I screwed?

Also whilst I am it: Can I download some version of Windows 7 with the service pack and updates included so that I can avoid having to install the service pack and updates after the installation?

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  1. Quote:
    "cough" TORRENT "cough"

    if you don't mind the malware
  2. Another is called magic jelly bean.

    Using a friends/trusted DVD should be fine. It's the key that matters, not the disk. Torrent can work, but as pointed out you never know what rootkit is in there.
  3. I've used PC-Wizard in the past to get the Windows Key, these days as soon as I get a machine I always put magic-tape on the license lable because the key especially on laptops gets worn away.

    Will show your product key and install date and tons of other info ^
  5. SIW is another one and I think you get more info than Speccy
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