Help please, none of my IDE drives work.

Well I started this thread because I am having issues with IDE drives.
My motherboard is an ASUS P5Q Pro and it doesn't detect any IDE drive I connect to it (not detected in either BIOS or windows).
I have the latest BIOS installed, I tried my IDE DVD ROM and it gets power (I am able to open/close the tray) but it is not detected in BIOS or window, I tried connected my old IDE HDD but that isn't detected either, both the HDD and the DVD ROM work fine when I test them on a friends' computer but they don't work on mine.

Can someone point me towards a fix for this because I need to use the DVD ROM very often and I am on an extremely tight budget so I cannot afford a SATA DVD ROM at this moment.

skyrus :)
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  1. What did u do?

    Post description of changes u made, everything.
  2. Are the cables (IDE) ok? Master / Slave jumpers set correctly? Tried to use the secondary connector instead of primary / vice-versa?

    Might not be a "fix", you might have a bad IDE controller, but without testing the cables and both master / slave / single drive jumpters, and primary / secondary connectors, we won't really know.
  3. Yeah the cables are ok, my drives don't have any jumpers O.o, tried using secondary connector, doesn't work even if I plug in only 1 device at a time.
  4. What's the settings in BIOS Integrated Peripherals, one of the settings should be IDE and not AHCI...
  5. Yes that setting is set to IDE.
  6. Ok then... check the manual to make sure other BIOS settings are correct

    If the BIOS settings are correct, you should see the IDE drives in BIOS; otherwise the possibilities could be:
    1. Master Slave conflict (just use one IDE, and set the jummper to cable select);
    2. IDE cable issue (replace a IDE cable);
    3. This ASUS motherboard is famous for its IDE chip (marvell), and you said that you have the most recent BIOS...
    4. Good luck ;-)
  7. Tried, still nothing.

    someone yelp !!!
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