Raidmax 520w vs Thermaltake litepower 600w


I have a very basic question, which one of these power supplies is better? Raidmax RX-520 520w or Thermaltake Litepower 600w?

The computer it would be running is;

amd 1055t 6 core
gigabyte ga-770ta-ud3
radeon hd5670 (60~watts)
6gb ddr3
3x 80gb raid 0

The raidmax is a lot more solid and heavy (also black ++ ) but the thermaltake has that extra 80watts

Thanks th :)
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  1. Links to each PSU would be helpful. I found one Raidmax 520w, but the +12v rail on that one only is 18A.

    If those are your only options, go with the Thermaltake Litepower 600w.
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