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I just bought my parts today and this is my first build. When I go to put in the motherboard (ASRock Z77 Extreme6) into my case (NZXT Switch 810), I mounted the standoffs labeled for ATX motherboards. All 9 of them. However, upon looking at the board again, I see an EXTRA hole for a TENTH standoff!!! Do I need to go buy another standoff screw, because the case only came with 9!! Or is it OK to leave this 1 off. Here is my best shot at showing where the holes are: X= NO STANDOFF, += STANDOFF, -= motherboard


wow thats bad but maybe it helped someone understand!

Thanks in advance!
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    9 is fine (and also rhymes, lol). :)
  2. ignore it. that is strictly a conspiracy from the stand off makers to get you to unnecessarily buy a 15 pack of stand offs. then needing only one you will have 14 rolling around in your desk drawer trying to persuade you into dancing naked after spreading peanut butter all over yourself.

    don't fall for it. that crunchy stuff was slightly painful when i sat down.
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  4. DJDeCiBeL said:
    9 is fine (and also rhymes, lol). :)

    Thanks even though right after I posted I thought about it and decided to mount it anyway. Im glad to hear I wont have to buy new parts tomorrow. Thanks for the rhyme too!

    I am very excited as I have just gotten it to boot up (cpu, gpu, mobo, and some fans) for the first time! gonna plug in some SATA cables and other stuff but im good! Thanks for the help guys
  5. You're welcome. :)
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