Nvidia SLI and 3rd graphics Card

I currently have two GTX 460's in SLI and I'm running two 24inch monitors with 1920x1080 resolution.

I have an old 19inch monitor(with lower resolution) that I want to hookup to my computer but Nvidia SLI only allows for two monitors at a time. I would have to disable SLI in order to get the three monitors working, which I don't want to do.

My question is can I buy a 3rd graphics card with the sole purpose of using it just to run the third monitor, while keeping SLI enabled? Keep in my mind that I only have two PCI Express x1 slots available on my motherboard, which is an Asus P7P55D-E Pro.

Would something like this possibly be a solution?
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  1. In response to SLI only allowing two monitors at once, what? I have never heard of that.

    And GTX 460's will only have two in SLI at once, they only reserve triple SLI for the big guns like the 570 and 580.
  2. Griffolion is correct in the running of only two GTX460 cards in SLI, but I pulled this quote from the Newegg page on the 460 to show you that you're doing it wrong.

    NVIDIA 3D Vision brings a fully immersive stereoscopic 3D experience to the PC. Expand your games across three displays in full stereoscopic 3D for the ultimate “inside the game” experience with the power of NVIDIA 3D Vision and SLI technologies. SLI technology delivers up to 2X the performance of a single GPU configuration for unparalleled gaming experiences by allowing two graphics cards to run in parallel."

    Key phrases: ...Expand your games across three displays...
    ...unparalleled gaming experiences by allowing two graphics cards to run in parallel.

    I too have never heard of being restricted to only two monitors. that makes playing racing and FPS games on Nvidia impossible.
  3. Thanks for the responses but I know you can only do two way SLI but I'm not trying to do triple SLI.

    I know you can do three displays with Nvidia surround but all three monitors have to be the same resolution and it turns the the three monitors into a giant single display for immersive gaming. I don't want to do this.

    I want to have three separate displays running different things for example on one monitor have a game running, the second have a video running, and the third have a twitter stream running.

    The problem I have is when you have SLI enabled you can only do two monitors (don't want Nvidia surround) and I have to disable my third lower resolution monitor.

    My original question was can I add a lower powered graphics card that isn't a GTX 460 in my open PCI Express x1 slot that well play well with my SLI enabled GTX 460's?
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