His radeonHD iceq 5670 problems (card recommendation )

I purchased a ( HIS radeonHD iceq 5670 ) for my GPU and it sucks .

1. I can't get the driver loaded ( it loads and when I restart the POST windows 7 logo shows and then" black screen" .

2. When I leave it alone and don't upload drivers , I can't play games and I get no sound .

My build is :

MB: ASUS crosshair iv extreme
CPU: AMD phenom ii X6 2.8Ghz
MEM: G-Skill 4GB 2x2gb
PSU: Cougar PX-700 (recommend!)
GPU: HIS radeonHD 5670 iceq
O/S: W7 Ultimate

Everything else works (great might I add ) it's amazing ) but the GPU sucks can anyone please refer me to one ...?
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  1. the gpu doesnt suck. it sounds like you either got a faulty gpu or you have not installed it properly. Is this a new build or are you upgrading from another card? if upgrading from another card, you should remove any old drivers with driversweeper. follow all the instructions to use it properly. then download and install the latest ati drivers. if it fails after that then return the card. Your just unlucky that you got a faulty one. Why let 1 bad experience ruin it all for you. It would be like if you got bitten by a crab at the beach, and because of that, you decided never to go to the beach again. That would be pretty silly wouldn't it?
  2. If upgraded, be sure to delete the old drivers. If that doesnt work, RMA it.
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