New Build, $500-$700

Hey everyone, this is something I put together.

I'm trying to stay within a $500-700, something near or under 600 is preferred.

I generally do web surfing, but I do some gaming (TF2, Starcraft, League of Legends). I understand my gpu isn't the greatest, but I feel like it should be fine for my needs. I don't run very high settings. Oh also I have a copy of windows 7 that I'll be using.

intel core i5 $220

ASRock H61M-GE $70

Kingston 4gb (2 x 2gb) $30

HIS Radeon HD 4670 $70

Hard Drive:
Kingston SSD 64 GB $105
I also have a HDD that I'll be using for all my music files, documents, etc. The SSD is mainly just for the OS, and maybe some other programs.

Power Supply:
Antec BP550 Plus 550W $65

Debating on two cases
Antec Three Hundred Black Steel $60
Cooler Master HAF $60

Heat Sink:
Cooler Master $28

TOTAL: 648 (Price goes down some after rebate though)

Let me know what you think, and many thanks!
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  1. Well you cant overclock with that motherboard , so paying extra for "K" cpu is wasteful .
    In fact since the cpu is massively powerful and gpu a realitive weakling you should probably consider buying the cheapest socket 1155 i5 quad core and putting the money you save towards a better graphics card
  2. Get a 5670 for $5 cheaper, and better performance. That 4670 performs just under a 5570.
    If your gonna stay with the 4GB, get this, $5 cheaper.

    Look at the performance of the 5670 vs. the 4670. (L4D performance should be around the same as TF2),2533-13.html

    Showing how similar the 5570 is to the 4670,2552-9.html
  3. What determines if you can overclock with a motherboard?
  4. So if I change these things:

    Intel Core i5-2300 Sandy Bridge 2.8GHz $185
    Crucial 2x4gb $50
    OCZ 60 GB $99
    Video Card:
    SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5670 $65

    My total cost now (including stuff not changed): $622

    Just a couple of questions. My previous one, how do you determine if you can overclock with the mobo? And second, is there a video card better than the HD 5670 that is worth buying? (are they just the video cards on the charts that's above the 5670?)

    Also checking the HD 5670 again, it uses a PCI 2.1 x 16 slot, while the mobo I picked only has a PCI 2.0 x 16. Is it compatible?
  5. The 2300 or 2400 makes more sense

    The 8 gig of RAM is wasteful and wont help in gaming . Use 2 x2 gig instead

    The SSD also is not a good spend at this price point . It might make programs open a little faster , and games load a little quicker but general performance is not improved by using one

    For the best gaming experience spend the money you save on these on a better graphics card . Thats especially important if you have a high resolution monitor

    The OC question is too big to answer in detail but
    H61,H67 motherboards cant OC
    P67 can
    so can Z68
    "K" chips are unlocked meaning you can OC just the processor and not the entire motherboard/ram at the same time which makes it a whole lot easier
  6. Do you think the 6670 would be a good card to get then?
  7. I'm not too sure about the 6670, but I'm pretty sure its a rebranded 5670. I just looked at why the 6670 is worth so much more, and that 5670 DDR3 vs. the regular GDDR5, I don't know how much of a difference it makes. For that price, you can get a 5770/6770.
    $110+$5 shipping, $20 rebate, $95 after rebates. Not sure if you like or trust rebates though. The rebate ends 8/15, but it's still a great card at that price.
    About the PCI-E 2.1, it's backwards compatible with 2.0.
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