Recommendation? TENDnet or Netgear? or other?

I'm looking for a new home router, i'm still using a wireless-G so ofcourse I need to upgrade. I would like to be able to stream form my media server to a couple different TVs in the house (boxee or Revue, haven't decided yet).

So I'm looking at these two routers (TRENDnet) and (Netgear) they are about the same price but I'm not familiar with TRENDnet and they have a $70 discount on the product (they are doing a monthly promo on newegg as well).

I'm a bit confused about which would actually be faster and is a better bang for the big, the netgear boasts 300+300 (which I assume to mean you can have 2 connections for up to 300Mbps speeds) while the TRENDnet is boasting 450Mbps which I assume means for a single connection.

Maybe there is another better bang for the buck 300+ product out there you recommend? Or of these two products, which would you recommend I choose?
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  1. Linksys E2000 or E3000
  2. I ended up with the LinkSys E3000. It's nice that it has the UPnP server but I haven't really figured out how to use that yet but I will. I did not like that it required a CD to setup the router because the standard admin password "password" was not setup when trying to access and no other instructions were provided beyond using the CD. I don't have a CD-drive on my laptop so this sucked.
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